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For all aspects of women's health issues from menstruation to menopause, it is imperative for a gynecological nurse to be knowledgeable and offer the best advice to patients in all walks of life.

Gynecology nurses can be a comfort to patients in many ways, for example, running a speculum under tepid water before the gynecologist uses it. In routine exams, especially where the gynecologist/obstetrician is male, female nurses may act as a witness to provide a modicum of security against any question of sexual harassment or misconduct on the part of either the physician or the patient.

Often these nurses serve as midwives who educate expecting mothers on what they must know about prenatal care, identify any signs of high risk, and eventually assist with childbirth. An Obstetrics nurse can also assist in this capacity as well.

Whether you are interested in giving advice on the most effective ways to prevent STDs, helping patients determine their most fertile time to conceive, or giving advice on how best to combat post-partum depression, your patients will benefit from your expertise on such delicate matters.

Gynecology and obstetrics nursing careers have a very promising outlook. Get started now. Search for jobs at HealthCareerWeb.com, your connection to healthcare jobs and professionals!

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