Nursing Assistants Jobs

Nursing Assistants jobs have several different names but provide the support to nurses for routine duties for patients. Operating under the supervision of other members on the healthcare team like physicians and registered nurses, nursing assistant jobs handle a range of tasks including bathing, dressing, and feeding the patients.

Training for nursing assistant jobs is offered in high schools, vocational-technical centers, nursing care facilities, and community colleges. In preparation for these jobs, courses will cover body mechanics, communication skills, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, infection control, communication skills, and resident rights.

With around 1.4 million nursing aide jobs held in 2006, with the majority employed within nursing and residential care facilities. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be a faster than average increase in employment for nursing assistant jobs. This employment rate will be due to technological advancements and financial pressures on hospitals, boosting their discharge rate and admissions to nursing care facilities which will create jobs.

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