Neonatal Nursing Jobs

After the delivery room, newborn babies are taken into the care of neonatal nurses. These professionals interpret and meet the hygienic and nutritional needs of babies. Sick or premature babies require extra care and often, longer hospital visits. Level 2 neonatal nurses provide this special care and often work longer shifts as needed.

High-risk newborns that experienced difficulty in the womb or during delivery depend on the critical attention of Level 3 neonatal nurses who specialize in running the life-saving machinery in an Intensive Care Unit. While the higher levels of neonatal nursing often translate to less flexibility in work schedule and a higher degree of challenge and stress, the satisfaction of saving a baby's life and helping parents to take their new child home can be most gratifying.

If you are gentle, dependable, and care about the development of the tiniest, most helpless patients, neonatal nursing may be the best challenge for you.

Neonatal nursing careers have a very promising outlook. Get started now. Search for neonatal nurse jobs at, your connection to healthcare jobs and professionals!

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