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Home health nursing jobs give assistance to the disabled, elderly, or the convalescent in the comfort of their own homes rather than residential health care establishments because they tend to require more care that these places can provide. Common tasks for professionals with home health nursing jobs are keeping track of their patient's condition and progress, while recording the tasks that they complete. They also administer medications, but must operate under the supervision of medical staff members.

Individuals with home health nursing jobs usually have either high school diploma or equivalent although they may not always be necessary. Trained by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or more experienced nurse aides, employers may still opt to have competency evaluations to ensure that the aide is able to perform tasks for patients.

In 2006 there were around 787,000 home health nursing jobs, with most employed within nursing and residential care facilities and a smaller percentage working in hospitals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that an increase of 28 percent will occur over the 2006 to 2016 decade for home health nursing.

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