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A crucial element in the criminal justice process is forensic nursing, or the examination, care, and treatment of post-accident and post-crime victims. Forensic nurses must be able to provide counsel to patients who are reticent or fearful of being judged by their attack, and identify any signs that indicate the patient has been assaulted.

Forensic nursing has grown enormously in recent years in response to the need to immediately diagnose victims of crimes like sexual assault and to meticulously collect any evidence of violence, abuse or negligence. The most effective forensic nurses have a variety of complex skills and they treat injured patients with empathy, dignity, and respect.

Take on the challenge of combining your social, medical and biotechnical expertise, and become a forensic nurse. Not only can you help a patient heal, your role in counseling the victim, gathering thorough evidence and even serving as an expert witness in a criminal trial can aid authorities in bringing criminals to justice.

Forensic nursing careers have a very promising outlook. Get started now. Search for forensic nursing jobs at, your connection to healthcare jobs and professionals!

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