InVision Human Services

Company Profile

InVision began as a provider offering services to three individuals with disabilities. To date, InVision has supported more than 500 people throughout Pennsylvania. InVision Human Services was created in response to a need for nontraditional approaches to serving people whose disabilities are particularly challenging to support, and it is increasingly evident that our approach to customizing supports for people is a dream of many folks. Each person's vision for a successful life becomes our vision, and we do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality. The company is in the midst of exponential growth, with our flagship company often considered the 'provider of choice' in Pennsylvania. In addition, we have expanded our family of companies to include an authentically inclusive preschool and early childhood education facility, a charitable foundation, and South Africa Partnership that allows us to support children with disabilities in that country and to implement a staff exchange program. The InVision Human Services family of companies allows us to expand our services throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

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